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Since we opened our doors in 1989 Global Custom Security, Inc. has specialized in the development of custom-designed security solutions for estate, residential and commercial applications.

Using the latest technology combined with innovative system design and driven by the unique requirements of our clients, Global Custom Security excels in providing solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

As a systems integrator, Global Custom Security creates comprehensive design specifications, coordinates all aspects of the system installation with the client, and then provides user training for proper systems operation.

Global Custom Security has extensive experience in the design and installation of discreet, highly effective security solutions for any and all degrees of client protection.


  • Alarm

    A professionally installed alarm system that secures the perimeter of your residence is undeniably important.  A Global Custom Security, Inc. alarm system will communicate with our 24-hour monitoring center, giving you peace of mind whether you’re home or away. Additions like panic buttons, monitored heat, carbon monoxide detectors and glass break sensors allow for an even greater variety of supervision and safety. Cellular backup is available and highly recommended.

  • Access Control

    Ensuring only the people you want to enter your residence are able to do so is a critical aspect of protecting your loved ones and your assets. To accomplish this, the installation of an access control system is a key component. A wide variety of credentials are available from intercom systems to wireless electronic locks to proximity card readers.

  • CCTV

    An effective CCTV system can really round out and elevate an existing security system. With the extensive capabilities of digital or network video recording solutions, wider dynamic ranges of day/night cameras, and the capacity for complete integration with access control and alarm systems, the protection afforded by well-designed CCTV system is imperative.

  • Fire Protection

    Global Custom Security takes fire detection and notification very seriously. Unfortunately most homes are protected with ‘local’ (non-reporting) smoke detectors that, in the event of fire, would merely start making a high pitched alert. While this is considerably better than a smoke detector with a missing battery or having no smoke detectors at all, Global Custom Security believes that your family and home should have considerably better protection. We can accomplish this with the installation of a comprehensive, supervised and reporting fire alarm system. Our fire alarm systems incorporate smoke detectors, heat detectors and other life safety devices such as carbon monoxide detectors. If a device detects an event, our system clearly indicates the location and type of event. Upon receiving an alarm, our monitoring station can dispatch the Fire Department (even if nobody is home). Global Custom Security is fully licensed for fire alarm installations in residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, your insurance company may offer a discount with the installation of a monitored fire alarm system.

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