Residential Security

The sole purpose of any security system is to protect you, your loved ones, and your property. It goes without saying that people are the first priority of a well-designed system. The design goal is to produce a system that offers the most secure environment for the customer without inconveniencing one’s lifestyle or the freedom to enjoy one’s home. A Global Custom Security system can accommodate the customer’s normal routines, such as leaving a window open when turning in for the night.

A Global Custom Security alarm system, coupled with our 24 hour monitoring services, offers a far greater level of protection.

  • 24 Hour Monitoring

    The benefits of 24 hour alarm monitoring from Global Custom Security are endless. With the FBI reporting that 1 in 4 homes are burglarized, having your home or business monitored gives you the peace of mind that you, your loved ones, and your assets are safe. Learn More

  • Alarm Systems

    Securing the perimeter of your facilities or providing a panic button in case of emergency is a valuable aspect of an alarm system. Complete integration with an access control system to prevent false alarms is standard. 24 hour live monitoring ensures the integrity of your facilities and the safety of your employees. Alarm response procedures will be tailored to satisfy the particular requirements of a customer. Cellular backup is available and highly recommended.

  • Access Control Systms

    Ensuring that only those authorized to enter your facilities are able to do so is a critical aspect of protecting your facilities and personnel. To accomplish this, the installation of an access control system is a key part. A wide variety of credentials are available. Encoded employee identification badges are sufficient for many access control applications, with greater protection for more sensitive applications by use of biometric devices such as fingerprint readers and retinal scanners.

  • Video Surveillance

    An effective CCTV system is the cornerstone of any security program. With the extensive capabilities of digital and/or network video recording solutions, wider dynamic ranges of day/night cameras, and the capacity for complete integration with access control and alarm systems the protection afforded by a well-designed CCTV system is invaluable. CCTV systems often prove their worth as personnel management tools in addition to their value as security assets. Verification of time and attendance, reduction of liability, and protection of company property are examples of additional benefits.

  • Fire Protection

    Global Custom Security takes fire detection and notification very seriously. Unfortunately most properties are protected with ‘local’ (non-reporting) smoke detectors that in the event of fire would start making a high-pitched alert. Global Custom Security believes that is not sufficient. We recommend the installation of a comprehensive, supervised and reporting fire alarm system. Our fire alarm systems incorporate smoke detectors, heat detectors, and other life safety devices such as carbon monoxide detectors. These devices connect to a central control unit that powers and monitors each device. If a device detects an event our system clearly indicates the location and type of event. Upon receiving an alarm our monitoring center can quickly dispatch the Fire Department (even if no one is home). Global Custom Security, Inc. is fully licensed for fire alarm installations in residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, your insurance company may offer a discount with the installation of a monitored fire alarm system.

  • Asset Tracking

    Asset tracking can be used for property, vehicles, and even personnel. Asset tracking can provide extra protection for high-profile individuals such as corporate executives or celebrities. The systems can be vehicle-mounted or carried by the individual. Both real-time and historical modes are available. When used on a vehicle, an emergency situation or an accident can be detected by the monitoring center. A stolen vehicle can be located and remotely disabled by the monitoring center. Historical tracking enables the logging of stops, speeds traveled, and trip durations for later retrieval and analysis. All of this aids in the management of vehicles, drivers, and resolution of problems including unauthorized vehicle use, chronic speeding, or unauthorized stops.

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