Three Layers Concept

There are three layers of an effective security system:

  1. Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  2. Home Exterior Intrusion Detection
  3. Home Interior Intrusion Detection

These layers are integrated to create an “envelope” of protection. This consists of:

  • Deterrence

    The most successful systems are so discouraging to intruders that they abandon any attempt to breach the security system. To accomplish this goal, our designs begin with perimeter protection. Security equipment, while unobtrusive in appearance, is apparent to potential intruders and indicates that a comprehensive security system exists. If intruders choose to proceed, despite the threat of detection, the next step of the design comes into action.

  • Detection

    Perimeter protection devices detect intrusions.

    1. Detect an intrusion.
    2. Locate the specific point of intrusion.
    3. Illuminate the area (if applicable).
    4. Bring a security camera to bear on the area.
    5. Display the video in an alarm window on a touchscreen.
    6. Increase the record rate to maximum values.
    7. Indicate the point of intrusion on a graphical map of the property.
    8. If the property is unoccupied, alarm information with audio and video is relaying to a monitoring station.

    With the information provided, appropriate action may be taken. For instance, if a wild animal wanders onto the property and causes an alarm, Animal Control officers may or may not be summoned. However, if an alarm is triggered by human presence, then the authorities can be alerted and the intruders may receive an audible warning. Ideally, this should discourage continued action.

  • Delay

    If an intruder is undeterred by detection, then the second layer protects the integrity of the home’s exterior. Even if the intruders successfully evade the perimeters protection systems, the second layer devices will detect attempts to invade the home. These devices, in concert with typical lock hardware, will be sufficient to delay or discourage an intruder.

    However, if a violation is reported by any of the second layer devices, the third layer devices such as covert cameras and microphones may be activated to relay video and audio to the monitoring station. The delay of the intruder and initiation of the alarm condition by the security layers allow the estate owner to either retreat to a safe room or depart the property entirely.

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